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NOVP is owned and operated by John and Michelle Mansika. We are Naples' Original Video Productions.  Originally established in 1984, as VCR-P, we have produced thousands of quality videos. Through our high standard of professionalism we have earned a reputation for excellent work, dependability and dedication to client satisfaction.


We have created thousands of "heirlooms" for families throughout the U.S., South America and Europe. Much like an artist is commissioned to create a work of art, so too, we view our work as art. We meet with you and your families before your wedding day to develop a relationship, thus establishing a confidence in our professionalism that eases any stress that may otherwise arise  on your wedding day. You know who will be videotaping on your wedding, how we will dress, and how we will interact with you and with your guests. Every possible aspect of your wedding day is considered. Your expected and unexpected moments.  The emotions and love you express are discretely captured to preserve this romantic and joyful occasion.

Through the years we have built a reputation that is unmatched in Southwest Florida. We are founding members of the National Association of Wedding Professionals, Inc. where John has served as President and Chairman of the Board. A large collection of thank you notes and letters of appreciation from newlyweds and their families testify to the professionalism, caring and abilities of  Naples' Original Video Productions.